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Club 33 Lunch

March 26, 2005

Probably the pose of evrey 33 n00b "dlchubs129"


Same picture, one with out flash

Cubbie contents in Walt's Room


Yay Haunted Mansion Portraits!

I forgot to photograph the final one :(

A look down the corridor to the Main Dining Rom

Turn around and a look back

A look to the side...

Approaching the buffet

Bar and buffet... Crave that Fruit punch?

The bar...

The emptied salad bar... those MIers sure can eat!

Delicious deserts

Blurry picture of an awesome attraction poster

Wallpaper and border

The Club33 china... it's smeared with finger prints

Main Dining Room

View of the Rivers of America from the Main Dining Room

More Main Dining Room

A look out onto Royal St (?)

Set table

Main Dining room cubbie

Main Dining room fireplace

Failed attempt at an artsy picture

Side Street Strutters do some struttin'

Not too many people get a view of NOS from this high!

"dlchubs129" does some evil thinking

Birds-eye view or at least trees-eye view of NOS

Detail detail...

Amazing how its so quiet, calm, and relaxing up here...

Evil MI brothers ready to pop

A look down the way

Rivers of America from the Balcony off the Main Dining room

Mark Twain
Thanks to Michael for this wonderful opportunity!